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Excuse me for a minute while I overwhelm you with pictures of cute kids and City Pillows. We Love Des Moines! No questions about it. Our capitol building is special.  There is something welcoming about the golden dome rising above the cityscape.  When I was young and we were traveling, I knew I was close to home as soon as I saw the Capitol. Now, as a parent, I hear my children say they cannot wait to see the Capitol because it means home is close.

My three cuties and two of my adorable nieces were kind enough to be my models for an evening. They were wonderful, getting to hold balloons definitely helped.

Now to the pillows... The response to these city pillows has been so exciting! I am pleased to offer them in five different colors (soon to be six!!!) The colors are vibrant and bold! Placing a City Pillow on your favorite chair, sofa or even a bed in your home is a pretty way to share some "love" for your favorite city or state.

We have pillows for many different cities listed in the shop but if you don't see yours, just send me an e-mail: and I will work on adding your city/state to the collection. Most pillows are pictured as black and white in the shop but, it is easy to order the color you want by selecting your choice when adding the pillow to your cart. 

Oops... there goes another balloon... or two :).

Oh well...


Mommy, I'm done... Ok sweet Sophia :)

Tony showed up just before we were done so we grabbed a few mushy gushy photos. I love him!

The Stecs!

August 18, 2014 by Ann Stec

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