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Okay, here is the deal with the manners napkins, our family uses them almost every night and our kids have come to love them. Before dinner we go around and read what is on our napkins. Whoever has the "hold hands and pray" napkin prays. My husband and I put our phones away for dinner because "no texting at the table" and the kids are encouraged to "eat their veggies". There are only five of us so we rotate through the napkins through the course of multiple dinners. We have even started playing a fun game where we see if we can name all the manners napkins that aren't on the table that night.

I always wash them in cold water because with little kids, they get all sorts of food items on them. Washing in cold water also helps the beautiful trim keep its color. Then I hang them to dry. This may sound like a lot of work but really it is easy! And, if you want to put them in the dryer, go ahead. These are meant to be enjoyed and to be helpful to your family.

Another tip, we never use the manners napkins when we have guests. This takes the pressure off of keeping them looking like new but mostly I would never want to make a guest feel like they had to have perfect manners at our dinner table. We definitely don't! But, we do love using them when it is just the five of use because they serve as good reminders and even if we don't always have perfect manners, I can guarantee my kids know what good manners are and will be able to take that knowledge with them as they go through life. 

Many blessings to you and your family as you teach manners with abundant grace!



The Manners Napkins are sold in a set of 12.

They are 100% Cotton and 20"x20"

When you buy a set of 12 Manners napkins you get 12 different manners. So, you get one of each manner pictured on this listing. 


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